Buffy Season 4 Showcase

Pathetic Spike! Drunk Giles! Famous Jonathan! The Fool’s Lantern discusses some of the high points for our favorite characters in season 4 as well as some of the low points (cough…Adam..cough). We also drink delicious foamy beer and our mental faculties degrade slowly throughout the show. That will show us for being such snobby intellectuals! (This is a reference you would understand if you watched season 4, so just do it already).


Buffy Showcase-Season 2

The Fool’s Lantern crew is joined by very special guest David to discuss Buffy season 2.  Don’t adjust your podcast app, we skipped over season 1.  If we get enough angry letters, we’ll go back.  We start off this episode with a review of Austin Eastciders Blood Orange Cider (get it?) and a discussion of some of the historical Emmys awarded this year before starting our showcase of one of the most influential shows of the 1990’s.  Sit back and listen to us dissect the true meaning behind some of the cheesy monster-of-the week episodes of this season.  Grrr. Arrgh.