Food’s Lantern Episode 1: Kingsmen and Curry

The reviews are in and critics agree! “Uh…Jesus.  Two wasted girls, a pervert, one guy trying to take control, and another guy reacting to everything.”-JJ This week, we discuss Kingsmen, curry, and vodka sodas.  We also debate the optimal creamy white substance to use in curry We end the recording with a fast-paced, edge-of-your seat suspenseful pick to determine our film, food, and beverage for our next episode.

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Food’s Lantern Episode 0

Greetings lovers of food and film! The Food’s Lantern is a high flying, intellectual endeavor in which five people explore the worlds of home cooking and artistic cinema. In this introductory episode we unveil the simple and elegant process by which we select the featured film and dish of each episode. Will it be Schindler’s List and Chicken Scalloppinne? Tune in to Find out!